How does it work?

Talking to another person about food, eating, health, and body image issues is deeply personal. My goal with each client is to build a trusting, professional relationship that allows these issues to come to light in a safe space so there’s room to make new choices. 

Your nutrition appointment is a chance to think out loud about food/eating/nutrition/body/health in the presence of an attentive, non-judgmental listener. Over and over again, clients have told me that being able to talk openly about their concerns and successes is what makes the difference between staying stuck and moving forward.

Self-discovery is an important part of nutrition therapy as we figure out the role that food plays in your life. Our conversations will most likely cover topics such as:

Your health and medical concerns
Your lifestyle – including sleep, physical activity, and stress patterns
Food preferences
Eating environments
Social support
Readiness to change
Motivation and confidence


We can talk about food and nutrition all day long, but things will get a lot more interesting if we roll up our sleeves and experiment! Depending on your needs, our appointments might include cooking demonstrations, guided cooking practice, and taste-testing. We can also take field trips to grocery stores, farmers markets, and restaurants. I’m here to demystify all aspects of food and nutrition so you can feel confident about eating well, wherever you may be.

Mindful Eating

Nutrition encompasses much more than the nuts-and-bolts of what and how much to eat. I offer individual and group training in mindful eating practices for those who would like to explore the how of eating: how to find more peace and pleasure with eating while letting go of distracted, anxious, emotional, and compulsive habits.

On-Going Support

At the end of each appointment, you’ll walk away with a realistic plan for creating changes in your eating habits and self-care.  Each follow-up appointment will build on the last, ensuring that you feel confident about making changes that feel right to you.